" Portfolio Overview"


 In the following pages I have put on display examples of my work, demonstrating a variety of programming tools used in the Information Technology world.  As is well advertised in the media, the IT world is one of the fastest growing and fastest changing fields in the world today.  It takes a person with the ability to adapt and learn quickly to be successful.


I have finished an Applied Information Technology (AIT) program at a postgraduate E-business institution that has taught me many IT skills and how to adapt to the ever-changing world of Information Technology.

At ITI (Information Technology Institute of Moncton), we worked in teams varying in numbers from four to six people, learning from Canada's e-business experts and our fellow team members, developing our IT and personal skills.


Below is a summary of the type of experience I have gained.  The links on the left site of the page will take you to each project I was involved in and the links at the top will take you to my personal web site and Resume.        

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Overall Skills Acquired:


Project Management


Team Interaction









  Application Development Methodologies & Tools OOAD, UML and RFP.
  Visual Basic 6, ActiveX components, ASP.
  Java, Visual Age for Java and JDK Coded Java Classes, Applets and  Java Beans.
   MS Access 2000, Universal Database (UDBMS), SQL Server 2000.
  E-Business Computing


Microsoft Word 2000


Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Power Point


Microsoft Image Composer


Microsoft Project


Microsoft Internet Explorer and Internet Tools.


Microsoft FrontPage


Microsoft Access


Windows 98 / NT/2000

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