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  • Assume every firearm is loaded.

  • Control the muzzle direction at all times.

  • Trigger finger must be kept off the trigger and out of the trigger guard.

  • See that the firearm is unloaded - PROVE it safe.








  • Point the firearm in the safest available direction.

  • Remove all cartridges.

  • Observe the chamber.

  • Verify the feeding path.

  • Examine the bore.



The following video is a supplementary training tool. It is recommended that this video be viewed along with the course handbook, while referring to the instructor's lessons. This video has been divided into five parts in order to be more user-friendly. The CAFC recommends that the video be used as a teaching aid to support classroom instruction. It is not intended to stand alone.
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Range Burlington

2-day Firearms Safety Course combining CFSC (non-restricted) and CRFSC (restricted) courses and exams